Dean Loucks is known around the world for the high quality custom paint jobs he has spent his life creating. Whether these are Liberty Coach motorhomes, offshore raceboats, helicopters, motorcycles, or one of many other types of canvases, each one has hundreds of hours spent tracking every detail to create mobile pieces of art.

We have spent countless hours perfecting our craft; how to create the artwork, use the materials in unique ways, and how best to care for the finished product. Dean has developed his signature 7-step process on caring for these vehicles and each of the products we offer plays a part.

After years of trying various cleaning products, Dean decided to consolidate the best of the best into one kit. Having tested the product, we are then able to instruct the end user on how to best care for their paint job. No fillers, no short cuts. The products we sell were developed specifically for use on top-of-the-line luxury vehicles where quality is crucial.